The Email List

Any successful author will tell you, you need an email list.

This is the best selling tool you can get. A list of people who are already interested in your work. So that’s what I tried to build. Following the advice of many, I have done everything I can to build up a list of people who might be interested in my next book.

I had a modest list of 174. Not much by any means but I was proud of it. However, I had never utilized this list before yesterday.

Not wanting to bombard people’s inbox. (I hate when people do that.) I let it sit there, just waiting for the right moment to contact everyone.

Yesterday was that day!

Eager to inform people about my upcoming release, I carefully drafted my first email to my mailing list and after ten minutes of whittling and worrying, I actually pressed send.

Then I waited, wondering what kind of result it would bring.

It’s now been twenty-four hours and amazingly 66 people have opened the email. Unfortunately, 3 have now unsubscribed from my list.

It’s rather disheartening to think that those three people didn’t like my book enough to be interested in the next one. I can’t help wondering, how many more will join their ranks. The list I was proud of is slowly decreasing in numbers.

I hear some authors say they have thousands on their lists. Making the loss of a few nothing. I wonder how they get those thousands. How they keep them interested.

I wonder if I’ll ever join their ranks.

4 thoughts on “The Email List

  1. I include joining my newsletter list as part of any giveaways I do. Additionally, there are blog tour companies who do big giveaways you can join. These giveaways are usually cheap and you pay per entry. I switch up my entries. One time follow me on Twitter. Another time joining my newsletter. I’m sure there are other things I’m yet to discover!

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  2. I have to say “lists” of anything sounds a bit depressing. If I were to build an email list, I would maybe have 10 people on it, so don’t be disheartened that your list only has 171 names on it! Many people did read your email, so that’s a great thing!

    I’m sure you will join their ranks one day, but perseverance is the key! Keep writing good books and you will be spotted. We’ll probably see or hear you on TV or radio one day saying how worried you were when you started out, how you didn’t know where your big break was going to come from, etc. Next thing you know you’ll be top of the bestseller list and begging the paparazzi to go away!

    Short answer is, just get on with what you do. There’s no point worrying about ‘where next?’ all the time. Live for the moment, enjoy what you’re doing and let fate take care of the rest of it.

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