Tip Of The Day: Stay Organised!

When I first started writing I had no idea just how confusing things can get when your selling on different platforms.

As an independent author, I often find that different versions of books are needed for different websites. For example, people who claim my book on Instafreebie can’t sign up to my mailing list to claim my free novella, because the already signed up at Instafreebie. This means I need a different file on that site with a direct download link to my novella.

It was all very well and good, tweaking my files and uploading them to the different sites, but I made one big mistake.

I didn’t label each file clearly.

I allowed my computer to simply rename them adding a number on the end and today it occurred to me that I had no idea what file was where.

So, with a whole day off work, rather than write I decided it was high time I tidied my computer. Not the best way to spend my day during Camp Nanowrimo but quite frankly, it needed doing.

I have painstakingly gone through every folder and file on my desktop. I deleted old files. Renamed ones I use and updated every file to show all my books. I then had to reupload all the new files to different sites.

I can honestly say, I now know exactly what file is what, and where it is uploaded. Everything is clearly labeled, and everything is up to date.

This is one job I never want to do again. Even though the day has been productive I feel like my time has been wasted doing something that could easily have been avoided. So today’s tip of the day….

Stay Organised!

3 thoughts on “Tip Of The Day: Stay Organised!

  1. I certainly know what you mean Gem! In my work as an editor, I make sure I save every file I’m working on with the end tag “.edit” so I know which one I’m working on and which to send back to the client. I also generally label my files in red to easily know what’s done, what’s in progress and what needs to be started.

    Organisation is certainly key!

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