Where Reality And Fantasy Meet 

The other day we went to watch my daughter perform a drama piece. She is sixteen and taking drama as one of her GCSE’S.

Where I like to write scenes, she likes to act them. Frequently and loudly. Anyway, the reason I’m mentioning this is because of the piece she performed.

She acted out a scene that she wrote herself. The scene was a twisted look on Alice In Wonderland. In it she played the author who was losing her grip on reality and believed Alice to be real and attempting to lure her down the rabbit hole.

I have to admit to being extremely proud of her version of the story, but then, writing does run in our family. However, the piece also got me thinking.

Just how far from the truth was it?

Maybe I interpreted it differently to others since I myself am an author but I couldn’t help wondering…

Just how real are my characters and how far can I develop them without being called crazy? 

I know the characters I create are not real people but I know them as well as any real person. I know how they think, how they act, what they would do in any given situation.

I gave one of my own characters a twitter account and tweet as her.

I know my characters almost as well as I know myself. I can almost see them acting out their lives in my head.

To me… In a strange kind of way… They are real!

Does this make me crazy? 

2 thoughts on “Where Reality And Fantasy Meet 

  1. Yes you’re crazy!!! Only joking, it’s late (for me!) and I’m on my computer, a lot of crazy talk happens then!

    No you’re not. It’s good to be involved with the characters you create (not too deeply though!). If you don’t understand the characters then you can’t write believable copy regarding them.

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    1. It’d late for me too. I’m in England it’s nearly 1am lol… I think maybe this subject is something only us authors can understand. To us it’s normal. To the rest of the world it’s crazy. Lol

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