A Dog’s Tale

Today I am an evil Mummy.

I took my poor little munchkin Holly to be spayed.

Any pet owner will tell you, this is one of the most horrible experiences you will ever have.

Not because you are leaving them to have vital parts removed from their body, but because they will make you feel soooooooo guilty for it!

As many of you will know, my dog is scared of the world. By which I mean, EVERYTHING! Bikes, strangers, buildings she doesn’t know, guitars, loud noises… the list is endless. So, naturally, the vets is no exception.

However, since my dog has this perpetual fear, she didn’t wait until the vets to demonstrate how scared she was. Instead, she sat in the car shaking like a cat at a dog convention. Obviously this only got worse when she realised were we not taking her to run around on the nice big field, but were in fact leaving her at the nasty place that stuck needles in her when we visited.

So, we exit the car and naturally my dog dug her heels in. Her bum was firmly planted on the floor, there was no way she was walking into the vets on her own steam. This left me with two options, either drag her and make myself look like an animal abuser or carry her. Luckily, my dog is not too big so I attempted to pick her up.

Have you ever tried to pick up a dog who doesnt want it? Believe me, even on a lead, this can be hard. As I bent to grab her, she moved backwards. This resulted in me doing what looked like a cross between the chicken walk and the Hokey-Cokey in the vets car park for a good few minutes…. to the great amusment of passers by.

Anyway, I eventually got her inside and then had to leave her. I walked out of the door to the pitiful sound of her crying.

People say a babies cry is the most heart wrenching sound, ever. To some, I’m sure it is but, in my opinion, a dogs cry when accompanied with big sad eyes beats a baby hands down!

Somehow, they have the ability to make you feel like the worst human alive with a whine and one simple look. Holly is now home and is sending those looks my way, frequently. As I sit here, she peers at me from under the cone that is surounding her neck. Every so often she attempts to move and bangs the collar on the table near her bed. I’m pretty sure this is a manoeuvre done souly to remind me of her suffering.

I can expect to have her playing on her situation for a good few weeks. I wouldnt be surprised if she even throws in a limp that doesn’t exist simply to increase my guilt.

Will it work?

Of course, it will!

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