Well Laid Plans

It’s very rare that I have the house to myself but this week, I’ve had the week off work. With so much to do,  I timed it perfectly.

 It’s given me ample time to catch up on my word count for Camp Nanowrimo. 

As I mentioned in a previous post, I got the dog spayed on Tuesday because I knew I would be home with her. 

And I’ve had time to do all those mundane little jobs that build up when you’re busy going to work. 

There has been only one problem with this week. THE INTERNET! 

Yes I know, the Internet is the reason I’m an author. It delivers my books to  thousands of people. Allows me to have this blog, provides me with the chance to make new friends halfway around the world. 

But it also distracts me. While I’m sat here, trying desperately to write, it sits in the corner of my laptop giving me a constant update of what everyone is doing. Who is emailing me. What’s happening on Facebook. How many likes my tweet had. 

I’ve come to the conclusion that the Internet is working against me. It obviously favours other authors and wants them to write more than me. 

What don’t you turn it off? you may ask. 

To which I reply. Why should I let the Internet win? 

This is war! And I refuse to quite. 

Yes I could turn it off. But how will I survive if I miss Bonnie letting the world know she went to subway at lunch time

Nope, it’s just not possible. I have to carry on. At least I got some things done this week. 

Okay, I got one thing done. I got the dog spayed. Now I have two days to catch up with everything else. 

I need to write…. Oh. Someone just liked my tweet! 


2 thoughts on “Well Laid Plans

  1. For god’s sake woman! The internet is nothing but a bunch of (mainly idiotic) people’s ideas come together as one. There is no reason to keep an eye on it all day! I look at how many people are looking at my site a few (ok, maybe many) times a day, but there’s no need to let it rule your life! You need to write rather than bother about the internet. Live rather than breathe in lies. Relax rather than let this crazy world bother you. Just kick back and chill!!!

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