Granola Mn by Susanne Aspley – Review

Granola Mn is the story of Allison and Toby. Allison works at the local hardware store while caring for her elderly grandmother and Toby has just returned home from the army.

Living in the small town of Granola they battle small mindedness in many shapes and forms while falling in love. Allison has many people judging her quirky family and throw in Toby, her new love interest, who is black and it leads to some great storytelling.
The characters are wonderful and guaranteed to have you laughing out loud as they go about their daily lives. With sarcasm as a second language, Allison’s grandmother is exactly the type of characters I love. but the others are just as good.
Miss Aspley’s quick wit and imagination make this a very enjoyable read and plot twists towards the end will have you gasping and wanting to cry.

A wonderful read for anyone with a romantic soul.

4 thoughts on “Granola Mn by Susanne Aspley – Review

  1. Susanne is one of my all time favourite authors. Her writing style has me captivated from the very first word.
    I had the great fortune to beta read this story at the beginning and it holds a special place close to my heart.

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    1. I can see why. I was laughing so hard are I read the families interaction. And really felt like crying towards the end. Though I won’t say why because I hate spoilers, I’m sure you can guess.

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