The Joy Of Motoring

Today our car broke.

This in its self is no great surprise to us. Quite frankly we were cursed from the day we got it.

Suckered in by more space than we knew what to do with and lots of comfort and headroom, we invested in a Renault Scenic. It wasn’t new but we loved it and felt like we had found a bargain. Well, it turned out it was a bargain because it breaks down every month. From the day we got it home we had trouble.

Literally from the day we got it home!!

We parked outside our house, beaming over our lovely spacious car, then found out we couldn’t lock it!

The keycard that Renault provide with it didn’t work. So back to the dealer we went for a replacement. Since that fateful day its been one thing after another so it’s with no great surprise that today, a year later, once again we couldn’t lock the car.

Now, Renault are nice enough to provide an emergency key, inside their keycard, this is an actual key. This backup key is a great idea and a very useful one…. if only it actually locked the car!

Yup, the Renault backup  key only unlocks the car, which isn’t much use if you want to lock it. So, off to the manual we went to try and find out how to lock the car without the keycard.

Have you ever looked in a Renault manual?

Well, Renault, being a very thorough company, are nice enough to provide information on how to use every car they make in one manual. This means that you have to wade through the locking system of every Renault car with a keycard to try and find your own and they don’t use normal English they spread it out with stilted sentences and unhelpful diagrams.

I may have mentioned in the past, I’m not a patient person… Let’s just say that the manual is no longer an option for finding a solution, so I turned to the trusty internet.

I discovered that Renault have their own forums… Yes, all those people, who like me, realise the manual is a pile of dung and lose their temper, congregate on the internet to ask other confused souls how to work their cars!

Turns out, quite a few people have this issue and I found a number of suggested solutions. It took two hours of internet browsing but I actually found a method to lock the car. It wasn’t the method that Renault suggested for our car, it was a method for a Megane… but it works!

So, now we have a solution until we get a new key. Just one more thing in the list of new parts that have been added to the car in the past year. On the bright side, if things continue as they have, pretty soon, for the first time ever we will own a new car!… there aren’t many more parts left to replace.


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