Breaking News – It’s Getting Hot In Here.

As the heat wave continues in the UK, fear of this unusual occurrence has forced many to wander the streets in search of fans.

Since we are not used to this heat, fans are a new item that many Brits have never owned before. When one is spotted, people can be known to charge for it, trampling unsuspecting shop assistants in the process and fighting to the death in order to be the victor.

While the winner of the fight purchases their new appliance the losers will corner the first unsuspecting sales assistant they see demanding one of their own.

Despite shops admitting to there being a supply and demand issue, many believe this to be false and that shops secretly have a fan hoard that they are keeping for themselves.

Shop managers deny this claim and maintain that there genuinly are not enough fans to go around.

We can only hope that common sense comes back to the general public when the weather returns to normal.




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