Last Exit To Civilisation 

Have you ever had a really good idea then later thought, why did I do this? 
We had one of those this week. 

It started with a dog walk. Rather than going on our usual walk, we opted to explore somewhere new so we went to a local place that has bike trails and a lake and endless places for a dog to enjoy. 

It was as we traversed the lake that we came across a sign. A sign clearly stating where all the trails led to. All except one! 

Now, being a typical nosy female, I was desperate to know where the unmarked path led so off we went. 

The sun blazed down on us as we strolled along, enjoying the bird song and avoiding the occasional dive bombing dragon fly. We had been walking for about 20 minutes when I heard a twig break not too far away. It was at this point that I realised, just maybe, I’ve watched one too many horror films. 

With a cliff on one side of us and a forest on the other it became apparent that this was a perfect place to be murdered. 

I carefully let go of my fella’s hand as I scanned the woods for cannibals, watching, waiting to pounce. 

You might ask why I wasn’t clinging to my fella with fear. Well, let’s just say, out of the two of us, I’m pretty sure I’m the fastest runner. 

Now please don’t think I’m totally heartless, I did voice my concerns, giving him fair warning just in case I was right. But I kept my distance and dropped back a little, allowing them to catch him first. 

Turning back did cross my mind at this point, but we had been walking for so long we figured there must be a turn off back to civilisation soon. So we continued on. 

Broken glass on the floor indicated someone had been there but a tangle of something that looked like a snare made us question who and were they friendly?

It took about 45 minutes to hit the end of the trail… A dead end. 

Yup! We had walked all that way, braving crazy inbred cannibals for nothing. And now we had to go back again. 

Needless to say, I was practically wetting myself. I mean, this was something out of “The Hills Have Eyes”; lead the poor unsuspecting fools down the country trail then capture them and eat them alive! 

As we walked back the way we came I half expected a big truck blowing smoke to appear from between the trees and block our path. I’m pretty sure we made it back to the sign post in half the time. 

When we finally hit civilisation again, I grasped my fellas hand with a sigh. I really would have missed him if the cannibals had eaten him. But luckily we both made it out alive. 

I’d like to say, I’ve learnt my lesson and I’ll be sticking to the path in future, but I don’t like lying so let’s just say, next time we take the dogs down a secluded path, I’ll make sure I’m the one in trainers! 


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