Back In The Box

Well, it’s that time of the year again. School has closed, the sun is out and we are back to spending a week in a metal box on stilts. Yep, it’s holiday time!

Yesterday we packed up the car and off we drove to Great Yarmouth for a week of sun and sand.

Alright, the sun bit is hit and miss but we have lots of sand.

Now, my fella and I view our holiday in very different ways. While I look at it as a chance to browse shops, relax on a beach, and read books, he uses it to sneak more DVD’s in to our house which is already overflowing with them.

He makes a point of knowing where every DVD store within a three mile radius

is located and will happily spend all day searching through them for every film he has ever heard of. So, it was no surprise to me yesterday when we lost him for about 2 hours.

I say lost, it was more a case of run for the nearest exit and make a bee line for the handbag stall while he stood drooling over the films.

Anyway we snuck away and managed to avoid them for quite some time until we finally realised that if we didn’t do something we would be going home on the train while he filled the car with his new collection.

We returned to the store to find him loaded down with about thirty DVD’s. It was definitely time for an intervention!

While I distracted him my daughter snuck films off of his pile. While we managed to reduce the amount considerably, he still ended up with about 15.

Ive come to the conclusion that he has an illness and really think there should be a help group I can send him to.

While I scroll the Internet for advice, I’m ever aware that he is just biding his time until his next fix.

He will buy more before the week is out. Of this I am certain. Who knows how many. I can only hope that I can limit him enough for us to all travel home in comfort.


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