Moments To Treasure

People say we should remember the moments we have with our children, and all parents vow to. Unfortunately, things never turn out the way we plan. We say we will remember the first time they smile, the first word they speak, their first steps, but as time goes by the memories fade.

Those things that were so important become things that we just know happened. It’s a sad thought, yet still, we say we will remember.

I don’t remember her first smile, as much as I wish I did, but I have other things that I will always remember. The things we do together all the time. The moments that others would laugh at but to us are so natural.

I’ll always remember the way my daughter and I sing Disney songs as we clean. Just a simple act that would seem strange to others, an adult and a teenager singing songs from children’s films, but to me they are special. They remind me of other moments, times long gone, memories that have slipped my mind.

I don’t remember them but I know this one simple act that we share frequently will stay in my mind forever.

I hope one day she shares similar moments with her daughter, and as time fades she will have something to always remember. Something they will share that time cant fade.

A moment to treasure forever.

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