Caught In The Backlash.

I discovered I am exceptionally bad at something yesterday.

What was ment to be a prank on my daughter backfired drastically. It all began while I was drying the pots that she washed….

Being the big child that I am, I decided it would be fun to whack her bottom with the tea towel.

I carefully wound it then let it rip, and totally failed. It flayed towards her with nothing more than a breeze.

While my daughter laughed I debated why it hadn’t worked and decided, perhaps the towel needed to be wet. So, a few pots later, when the towel was drenched, I tried again.

With flicks of my wrist, I would it, then I let it fly.

It turns out a wet towel does have more effect. Unfortunately, it also turns out that some skill is required in the manipulation of said towel.

I came to this conclusion as I knelt on the kitchen floor guarding my left nipple that had been caught in the backlash.

Needless to say, this provided great amusement to my daughter.

I dragged my self to my feet, determined that the towel would make contact with her behind if it was the last thing I did.

When she was distracted I tried again. However, apparently, it’s surprisingly easy to catch exactly the same place with the towel, twice in a row.

As I crawled into the living room, rubbing my poor abused breast, the sound of my daughters gleeful laughter following my every movement, I decided, there are some things I’m just no good at.

I think in future I will leave things like that for my books and find simpler ways to annoying my children.


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