The other night I went to see Dreamboys.

For those who dont know, Dreamboys is a show where male dancers, with exceptional bodies,  display choreographed routines for an audience of women (and some men) to admire them…


They are a group of male strippers!

Dreamboys is the UK version of the Chippendales.

Being the dirty minded woman I am, I had no intention of missing the chance to admire half naked (and some totally naked) men. So, off I plodded, with my eldest daughter, (Yes I’m dragging her into depravity with me. Although, as she is my daughter, she didn’t need much dragging) her best friend, and her best friends mother, to enjoy an evening of enticing entertainment.

Now, I had been informed that the Dreamboys are known to invite women onto the stage with them. Not that I wanted to do such a thing, obviously, but in the interest of keep my daughter on the straight and narrow, I made a point of insuring that I received the aisle seat. I’m proud to announce that I only had to deliver two bruised shins and an elbow to the ribs to obtain it.

So, safe in my seat, my daughter beside me, we settled in to watch the show.

Let’s just say that my hearing will never be the same again. The Dreamboys motto is, “The louder you yell, the more you see” I won’t go into detail, but let me assure you, it was worth seeing.

Unfortunately, I was not one of the lucky people who made it onto the stage but I still got to enjoy an extremely nice view for a couple of hours.

I’d like to tell you that my curiosity had been quenched and I will not visit such things in future, but it would be a lie. After all, You don’t write romance with the mind of a saint. So I will simply say this, If I ever visit a show like that again… I’ll be sure to get seats in the front row!



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