Tilting The Scales

I have mentioned in the past that I could do with losing some weight. Well, a couple of months ago I decided it was time to put some action behind that thought so I went on a diet.

For those of you who have never been on one of these before (lucky gits) and have no idea what its like, let me just say, its torture for fat people.

It’s endless days drooling over every sweet of savory delicacy you can find while munching on rabbit food. It’s also the time when every bar of chocolate and every type of crisp goes on offer in the supermarket.

Many people will tell you that dieting is easy. Those are the people that only need to loose three pounds and complain that they are too fat. For normal people its hard. Really hard! and the older you are the harder it is. After years of enjoying great tasting treats, to suddenly be without them is like falling into the depths of hell.

I’d like to say it gets easier the longer you diet but that would be a lie. You just find yourself missing chocolate even more. You spend half your life planning what to eat and the other half talking your self out of eating other things. After a while you find yourself looking in the mirror thinking… is it worth it?

I’m still trying to find the answer to that question.

Anyway, the diet I am on is weight watchers.  A system where you point everything you eat. This is a simple system, to a degree, but can get very tedious after a while. Especially when, like in my case, you end up pointing things twice.

My fella decided he wanted to lose weight too so we are doing this together.

Now, as naturally happens in cases like this, a little bit of rivalry developed. After all, we eat the same food. We weigh in together, therefore we take an active interest in who has lost the most weight. Its this rivalry that has made me realise something very important.

My fella cheats!

How is he cheating? you ask.

Well, I’m not totally sure but he’s winning so he must be cheating.

I came to this conclusion a couple of weeks ago when he lost weight and I didn’t. Obviously, I expected this would happen at some point, but that perticular week, we had been naughty. Because we were attending an outdoor cinema we bought ourselves some goodies. Some choclate and pringles. A couple of hours later, I had eaten a bit of chocolate and a few pringles. My fella on the other hand, had eaten a tube and a half of pringles as well as chocolate. Yet he lost weight and I didn’t.

This was the turning point where I figured out he is cheating.

I’ve come up with a few theories like, he is rigging the scales, but the one I’m settling on is, him feeding me chocolate in my sleep.

It’s the only explanation.

So now I must plot a form of revenge.

I need to tilt the scales back in my favour. As of yet, I’m not sure how but any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.



8 thoughts on “Tilting The Scales

  1. Ok. You can’t think of it as a fort, it has to be a lifestyle change. This means is has to be done in little bits at a time….think marathon not sprint. Start with a food journal. Write down everything you eat, when, where and why. Do this for a week. Then figure out what your patterns are, and one week at a time, start working on them. For example, you eat chocolate every day at 3 pm because you need a boost. You could take a smaller piece of chocolate, or you could substitute something healthier. But tackle one issue at a time….your trying to create better habits. And if you’re going to try exercise. Do it slowly….start out one day a week, and then increase slowly. And yeah….guys usually lose weight quicker….that’s just genetics.

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  2. Whenever my DH loses weight (or, at least doesn’t gain) while I put on pounds on EXACTLY the same diet, I simply blame it on a difference in metabolic rates and drown my sorrow in a cup of coffee (with cream) and a few chocolate-covered raisins for energy.

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