Family Time: When Your Youth Comes back To Haunt You.

Have you ever had, what you thought was, a really good idea, then after wondered, why the hell you thought of it?

I did the other day.

I had the bright idea to play a board game, as a family.

Don’t ask me why I had this idea. We are not a “family time” kind of household. I write, my fella watches films and my teenager does what teenagers do. (I’m not going to speculate on that because quite frankly the thought of it scares me.)

Anyway, for some reason, the other day I decided we should have “Family time” so off I trotted upstairs and down I came with a board game that my sister bought me last Christmas, Catopoly. Yes, the game is exactly what it sounds like, Monopoly but with cats.  

I should have known this was a bad idea as soon as I opened the box. When my daughter reached for the mouse playing piece, which I had already decided was mine, I should have closed the box and returned it to the top of the wardrobe. But me, being me, I was determind. So we set up the board and began to play.

Half an hour later I was starting to regret my decision. You see, the problem with family board games is that there can only be one winner and no one in my family likes to lose. I’d like to say we are competative but quite frankly we are just plain stubborn.

I sealed the fate of the game when I purchased the Maine Coon and Persian (Catopolys version of Mayfair and Park Lane) What should have been a nice family game turned into a fight to the death over the winner spot.

While my daughter cursed me to hell and back and my fella refused to let anyone purchase a cat for a cheap price, I built up my litter trays ensuring that anyone who landed on my cats would go bankrupt. It was a sneaky move to be sure and one that I remember my sister pulling on me many times in my younger days. It was during this process that I realised my daughter is just a younger version of me.

As she refused to pay the landing fee and hid all her money while telling me I was evil and ruined the game, It occurred to me that I did exactly the same thing to my sister when I was younger.

It would be nice at this point to apologise for putting my sister through that but it would be a lie. At the end of the day, I’m a sore loser and don’t claim to be anything else. But  I can give my sister a one consolation, I now have a mini me and know exactly what she went through.

Needless to say, family time was not a roaring sucess.



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