Miss Adventure By Geralyn Corcillo – Review

Miss Adventure is a romantic comedy so naturally, this book struck my interest and I can honestly say, I was not disappointed.

It is the story of Lisa and Jack.

After a freak accident, which involved a burger joints roof collapsing on her car, Lisa decides she needs to start enjoying her life.

Intro… Jack.

Jack lives life to the fullest. He hikes and jumps out of planes and Lisa wants to be just like him so they make a deal. He will teach her to be brave and she will test his adventure equipment for beginners.

While they battle through family problems and Lisa’s unwanted fame, this leads to a number of hilarious moments that leave you cheering for Lisa and often wanting to punch Jack.

The book is very well written and the characters are totally believable. They are in no way perfect and at times you want to scream at Lisa telling her Jack isn’t good enough but despite his flaws, he pulls through in the end bringing their romance to a very satisfying conclusion. Which I am extremely happy about since I only like happy endings.

While I think the climax to the book could have done with a little more explanation as to how Jack arranged it all, it is still a very good story that will make you laugh and leave you happy. (The bigfoot bit is now permanently etched in my memory and still makes me giggle)

All in all, it’s a very good book and well deserving of a read.


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