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There’s A Little Writer In All Of Us.

The other day I heard a story. Not a story as in a book, just someone I know recounting an event that happened to them.

It was while listening to them that the Author in me reared her head. It appears that editing books has enabled me to recognise fabrication when I hear it.

The story was full of inconsistencies and plot holes. Little things that I might never have noticed in the past jumped out at me.

As the red flags waved before my eyes I began thinking about this person and why they would make up this tale.

Maybe for attention, or perhaps the simplest of lies or a half truth escalated to become a full blown story that is a million miles from where it began.

Maybe, they simply had an idea one day that somehow transpired into the event that I heard.

I think everyone, at some point in their lives, has told a white lie that somehow became a huge fabrication.

Is this not proof that inside all of us is a little bit of a writer?


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