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The Price Of Vanity

Just before Christmas I went dress shopping. This might seem like nothing to some but to me it’s something I do very rarely.

I went because of works annual Christmas party. Being a formal affair, I needed something nice to wear, and since I’ve lost weight recently, I was in need of something new.

The problem is no matter what size you are, you are never happy. Well, I’m not, and in my experience that applies for most women.

So, I’m In the fitting room, staring at myself in a black lacy thing, wondering if I can hold my stomach in for the entire evening when the shop assistant suggests tummy tucker inner pants.

This item of clothing goes by many different names but let me just tell you what they are.

A torture device!

It’s that simple.

They are an item of underwear that holds in the stomach by pushing your fat into all kinds of places you never knew it could go, just so you look slimmer.

Now like any woman I already had some of these but the woman suggested I try some just to see how the dress would look.

I should of said no.

Five minutes later I’m in the fitting room, the sales assistant stood behind me, yanking up the back of the pants while I yank up the front trying my hardest to squeeze my stomach into the underwear.

It took at least five minutes!

When we had finally done, I looked at my self in the mirror and, surprisingly, I liked what I saw. No supermodel by any means, but I didn’t look half bad.

£50 later, (yes, she saw me coming, didn’t she?) I’m strolling from the shop with my lovely dress, and brand new tummy tucker inner pants, and a huge smile on my face.

It was as I made my way home that it accured to me how hard it was to breath while wearing the torture device and that sitting down was going to be a huge problem, especially since it was a two hour – thirty minute bus ride to the party destination. Unfortunately, that’s the price of vanity, I guess.

I brought up the image of the dress in my head again and decided breathing is overrated, and I could always just stand while eating the three course meal.


2 thoughts on “The Price Of Vanity

    1. Lol, I think it’s a very common story. I don’t think I looked fabulous but I felt it, which is good enough for me. I had a great time but my glasses did take a turn around the dance floor and get broken. I’d say that’s a sign of a good night though lol

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