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Keep Calm And Step Away From The Bread!

As anyone who lives in England will know, We currently have snow. At least, we do where I live.

The pavement is icey, it’s freezing cold and the fire has become my new best friend. If it wasn’t for the dreaded day job I would be quite content to hibernate until spring peeps over the horizon, with its bright mornings and blooming flowers.

Unfortunately, this is not to be.

Instead, I am still trudging to work in order to serve that person who simply had to brave the snow to purchase a single tin of beans. Though, perhaps that person is smarter than some.

I shake my head at the idiocy of some other people.

No matter how long I live in England, I believe, I will never understand why a single snowflake, futtering its way to the ground, inspires some to run to the shops to buy twenty loaves of bread.

Do they think it will soon become a rare food and will cost in the thousands to purchase?

Perhaps they envision a life where Armageddon is upon us. Livestock dies, all the tinned food on the planet vanishes, and flour no longer exists?

Whatever the reason, I find myself baffled as I try to decide what they will do with their bread.

As I scoured Tesco for any remaining bottles of milk that might have survived and shopping hoards, I couldn’t miss one woman.

She nearly ran me down as she dashed through the store, shouting with the voice of a drill sergeant.

Enough bread to feed a small army sat in her trolly and her husband scurried along behind loading up on tins as she barked out orders.

Whether she knows something we don’t and is planning for the apocalypse, I’m not sure, but as she ushered the trollies to the checkout while keeping her eyes peeled for anyone looking to steal their precious food, I couldn’t help wondering what she plans to do with all that bread. Surely it will go mouldy before they could eat it? unless she has a whole freezer just to store it.

Maybe all of Britan is just more prepared than me and I will be eating my words when the shops run out of food and we are surviving on roadkill… But I doubt it.

Though I may live to regret the decision, I will stick to my one loaf of bread and a single bottle of milk. At least I will be able to walk across my kitchen without falling over food.

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