50 Shades Of Bruised

You might read this title and think I’m going to start talking about kinky sex. Well, sorry to disappoint, but the bruise I’m referring to was not made in an nice way. Unfortunately, the other week I had an accident that resulted in a very bad bruise delivered in a way I definitely didn’t enjoy.… Continue reading 50 Shades Of Bruised


And This Years Award…

It has come to my attention recently that my dog fancies herself as a bit of an actress. I discovered this when I sprayed some air freshener. The air freshner was a new one. Fabreeze lenor scents. It was divine and I couldn’t wait to have my house smelling like spring flowers. I picked up… Continue reading And This Years Award…

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Does This Look Normal To You?

Every so often, moments happen in our lives that are so embarrassing you want to dig a hole, hide in it and build a house on top so you can never be found. I had one of those moments the other day. So, why are you about to tell us about it? You may ask.… Continue reading Does This Look Normal To You?