And This Years Award…

It has come to my attention recently that my dog fancies herself as a bit of an actress. I discovered this when I sprayed some air freshener.

The air freshner was a new one. Fabreeze lenor scents. It was divine and I couldn’t wait to have my house smelling like spring flowers.

I picked up the aerosol and went mad. With a spritz here and a spray there. I had the house smelling like the outdoors in no time.

It was as I entered the final room that the dog suddenly sent me into a panic. She started choking.

Okay, I had used a fair bit of the spray, but I didn’t think it was enough to gas her. It seemed I was wrong.

As she hacked her way around the room, crawling in her stomach and gasping for breath, I swiftly opened the windows.

In my haste to bring outdoor freshness inside I had accidentally harmed my poor little pooch.

When the choking finally subsided, I hugged and petted her. Letting her know how sorry was and as soon as she was able she had one of her special treats that only make an appearance when she is extra good.

Now, It seems this incident led to a bit of a situation. As every time I spayed an aerosol after this, my dog began to choke. Even the slightest spray would send her into a coughing fit.

I was seriously starting to worry and wondering if a trip to the vets was in order.

Luckily I was saved from paying a vet bill when we discovered that things weren’t exactly as we thought.

This accured to us when I began spraying an air freshener again. I picked up the can and spayed, being careful to avoid the area where the dog was. However, she instantly began coughing. I was just about to stop when my fella suddenly said. “Who wants a dudoo?” (Dudoo is Nottinghamshire speak for sweets and the word my dogs know for treat) imagine my surprise when, instantly, Holly stopped coughing and ran to the kitchen to sit by her treat tub.

It appeared my dog was playing us. After discovering that coughing led to a treat she decided she could use this knowledge to her advantage and let me assure you, she played her part beautifully. I mean, my dog deserves an Oscar for her acting skills.

I was totally suckered in.

I estimate my dog earned herself about thirty extra treats thanks to the little shows she put on. I’d like to be mad but I can’t help admiring her ingenuity.

I have one clever dog!

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