A Sting In The Tale

As many British people will know, over here in little old England we are experiencing something practically unheard of.

Hot weather on a May Bank Holiday!

Yes, you read that right. Its actually sunny on a Bank Holiday.

It’s standing knowledge that on Bank Holidays we get rain. Everyone knows it, and expects it. So, as you can imagine, this hot spell has come as a bit of a shock to people, myself included. However, not one to look a gift horse in the mouth, I have taken full advantage of it. The garden is done, the patio furniture is cleaned and meals have been eaten outside.

Among all this there has only been one dampner on the situation….


With the hot weather come the little beasties who take pleasure in stinging us for the sake of it, and where I live there are plenty of them.

Just how nasty these things are has become a bit of a debate between the fella and I. While I maintain they are indiscriminate and will sting anyone who gets in their way, the fella firmly believes they only sting if feeling threatened.

What a load of crock!

If that’s the case, why did one of the little sods that got in my house yesterday dive bomb?

Not only did it fly around the room in a haphazard fashion, deliberately to confuse me, it then alternated between flying around my head and aiming it’s bum at my face.

So, I’m running around the room, screaming, trying desperately to lead it towards the door in the hope that when it dives for me it will accidentally go outside.

This is the point where my fella, in his infinite wisdom, said. “You’re scaring it!”

“I’M SCARING IT?!?!?!”

Scared my arse. That thing was using me as target practice!

Two cans of fly spray and a tea towel, it took to get that thing out the door, and let me tell you it was nowhere near dead.

I can only assume the bugs have adapted and now use the fly spray as a steroid. It definitely didn’t hamper its ability to fly.

I can only hope that their new found appreciation for fly spray becomes an addiction and they eventually overdose. Preferably before the summer is out.

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