The End Of The World Is Here!

Okay, maybe it’s not quite the end of the world, but it’s close. At least it is if you ask my family.

It all started this morning. I was awoken by insistent nudging and a whining noise.

It was the fella. Once assured I was no longer enjoying my slumber, he broke the news to me.

The Internet is down!

As I struggled to comprehend what he was saying, while rubbing the sleep from my eyes, I didn’t really understand the gravity of the situation as the fella saw it.

You see, as much as I am an author and I rely on the Internet to publish my books, sell them, and build my author platform, the thought of having no Internet for a while did not bother me. As long as I have a book and the ability to write, I’m okay.

Anyway, since the fella was too lazy to get downstairs before me, I went to reset the router and get everything up and running again.

Unfortunately, it turned out the situation was a bit worse than I had assumed. The router didn’t need resetting. Infact, the entire Virgin network was down in our area leaving us with no Internet or TV.

I’ll admit to a slight bit of glee as I anticipated my family’s reaction to this news. Not one to put off the inevitable, I went and told the fella.

He didn’t take it well,

You see, our house, like so many others, relies on modern technology. From laptops, to tablets, to TV, to mobile phones. It’s what keeps us entertained.

To my 17 year old daughter it’s the meaning of life. Hence the title of this post. This bit of news was the equivalent of telling her the house was about to be destroyed. She would probably have taken that news better because she could still take her phone and laptop with her.

As it stood, when she asked me what she was supposed to do with her self, all I could suggest was cleaning the house. Her response was pretty much what I expected.

She went back to bed.

So with no modern technology to keep us entertained, I went to work, my daughter barricaded herself in her room in protest and my fella went to his mum and dad’s, where everything was in working order.

I must admit, the situation didn’t cross my mind at all until I once again arrived home to be greeted by my daughter informing me that stuff still wasn’t working.

So here we are. The fella is fiddling with his computer while huffing every few minutes. The daughter is having a nervous breakdown and is sat rocking backward and forward while muttering something about child abuse and I’m writing a blog post.

After using a bit of my precious phone data to upload it, I will once again return to my book. Or write. Or both. This does make me think though. It’s rather depressing how much we fall back on these things to keep us entertained.

Maybe it’s time we turned off the TV and disconnected the Internet. We could do family time. Play games, sing songs, talk about our day….

On second thoughts…

The mind of a teenage girl is a scary place and there are reasons why I tell people I’m my fella’s carer…

Where’s my phone? I need to call Virgin!

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