The Great Underpants Conspiracy.

While packing for our holiday yesterday, we discovered something that had previously gone unnoticed.

My fella has lost most of his underpants.

How this has happened we don’t know, but after emptying every draw and closet it became apparent that they are nowhere to be found so my fella came to the natural conclusion any one would in this situation.

They are being stolen!

And not by the dog – a theory that I could put some credence into – No, he thinks people are stealing them off the washing line.

As he told me this theory, I couldn’t help questioning why people would want his undies. I mean don’t get me wrong, I love the bloke, but Dwayne Johnson, he is not. I’m pretty sure we don’t have a group of neighbours queing up to steal his boxers.

When I mentioned this to him, he informed me that William Shattner sold his kidney stone for £1000. Well, that my be so but I’m pretty sure that no one is getting in line on Ebay to pay for his old shorts. What does he think they are selling for… £50 new… £75 used. Add on £20 for skid marks… I mean, come on!!!

Needless to say, this theory has provided me with great entertainment. After sharing it with everyone at work I decided it just had to be put on line.

So, now you know, if you see some old undies on Ebay, they just might be my fella’s.

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