A Stinging Proposal

No matter how well we organise things, they never go exactly to plan. This became totally apparent to my boyfriend last week.

While on holiday, he went to great pains to arrange a lovely evening for us. A meal, a walk along the promenade, and something unexpected that didn’t go quite the way he’d hoped…

This incident happened after our meal. The weather was warm, the sun was still shining and the scent of the sea was still new enough to us that we couldn’t help but smile.

We sat on a bench and took in the sight before us. His arm rested around my shoulders as he asked if I’d do him a favour.

I faced him in confusion and asked what?

He said, “Will you marry me?”

I’d like to say this was a wonderful moment and everything I ever dreamed of but, as specified earlier, even the best laid plans are not immune to unexpected occurrences and in this instance the unexpected came in the form of a wasp. A wasp that appeared two inches from my nose the second he asked the question.

So, picture the scene. We are sat on a bench. My boyfriend is asking me to marry him. He has produced a ring…

And I’m screaming, running away from the bench at lightening speed.

To any onlookers it didn’t look good.

As my poor fella sat there, ring in hand, wondering if I’d even heard him, I crept my way back to the bench and accepted his proposal.

While a bit of me feels bad that his efforts were disrupted by a wasp…

(see, I’ve mentioned before that those things have a vendetta against me)

I still think the proposal was perfect.

We are not a normal couple. We have no problem taking the mick, laughing at each other, and acting like children. Because of this I find it rather fitting that a proposal should be… Different.

At least it was memorable.

So my boyfriend is now my fiancé. Not giving him time to reconsider…

(Best to get myself in his will before he has a chance to change his mind)

We set a date for the 26th September 2019.

So now I have a wedding to plan. In just over a year I will be married and I can really let my crazy show. Bless his heart, the poor man doesn’t know what he’s letting himself in for.

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