It Must Be Fate

Being a writer and avid reader I am very familiar with the concept of fate.

Although many of the books I read work on the assumption that we all have someone fated to be ours, I have always thought, although it’s a lovely theory, it’s one that belongs firmly in the realms of Fantasy.

Now at the age of… well, anyway… I find myself reconsidering that idea. Perhaps all this time, I’ve had it wrong. What if there really is someone out there for each of us. Someone who makes us whole, who compliments us and is the yin to our yang?

I know, it sounds too good to be true but just hear me out…

As many will know my partner recently proposed but before him, I have had two major relationships. While contemplating this something rather strange occurred to me. Their names interlink.

I know that sounds weird but this is what I mean.

When I was young I married my first husband. A man with the middle Robert. Although I in no way regret this as it gave me my two wonderful daughters. It was not meant to last and after seven years we went out separate ways.

My next major relationship occurred some years later and the man had the middle name, Mark. Again, we had our good times but in the end, it was not my destiny and after quite a few years we parted.

Which brings me to my current husband-to-be. Imagine my surprise when I discovered his name is Mark Robert!

And this brings me onto the theory of fate. Granted many would say it’s just a coincidence but what if it isn’t? What if all along I was meant to be with Mark Robert?

What if a part of me always knew that?

Maybe I just got a little lost on the way to him.

I know it sounds fanciful but I can’t help thinking how perfect we are for each other and wondering if perhaps fate did have a hand in it.

Was this my destiny all along?

Maybe I am just a writer with my head in the clouds but maybe not. Just maybe we each have a destiny that we are slowly working our way towards. Yes, we make mistakes and wrong turns along the way but we all end up exactly where we are meant to me. And in my case, that’s with Mark Robert.

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