Black Friday

With Christmas fast approaching, today we had the joy of Black Friday. Though an American tradition, it has now worked its way across the pond to little old England meaning today every bargain hunter in the country travelled in hoards to see what they could grab at discount prices.

Although I work in retail, I was saved from todays carnage, which I’m extremely grateful for, since the shop I work in does not do sales, and it was my day off. But my thoughts go out to the poor workers who had to deal with it. I guarantee my work colleagues had a day full of explaining that we don’t do Black Friday. We don’t have a sale section and, no, we can’t reduce that box of Ritz crackers because you come in every week without fail.

The closest I travelled to the sales was my local supermarket, where people were trampelling each other to grab the new PS4 game that was £1.50 cheaper for today only.

Weaving my cart around a screaming child and frazzled shop worker, I rolled my eyes at the people fighting over the last reduced TV on the shelf.

Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t understand this event. While many items are cheaper, it did not escape my notice that at least 80% of them had the prices raised just over a month ago so we don’t actually save that much money.

Still, in their quest to save the pennies, a noble goal in anyone’s book, shoppers fight their way through stores leaving destruction in their wake.

As shop assistants field questions from irate mothers with screaming children, demanding to know why the thing they want is not reduced. My thoughts are with them.

Just rest assured in the knowledge that it’s nearly over. Then you have a five week break until the January sales start.

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