Where Is The Willpower?

As I have mentioned in the past. The fella and I have hopped onto the dieting train. With my daughters wedding fast approaching and mine not far behind the need to lose weight has increased. With this in mind, the fella and I decided to join slimming world, or as we affectionately call it, fat club.

Yes, once a week we pop up the road where we remove as many clothes as we possibly can, while still remaining decent, and jump on some scales. We hold our breath and wait to be told if we have lost half a pound or gained six.

One of my most recent weigh in’s was the “gained six.” How it can take me a month to lose six pounds but I am able to gain it back in one week over Christmas, I will never understand. Unfortunately that’s what happened.

So, now I find myself struggling to get back in the the swing of things. It seems everywhere I look chocolate is on sale, crisps have been reduced to £1 a bag and… (shudder) Easter eggs are everywhere.

Yep, Christmas and New year are only just over and already it’s chocolate eggs as far as the eye can see.

As I run through the supermarket with blinkers on, giving the chocolate aisle a wide berth and avoiding the multibuy on Doritos, I find myself wondering if I will ever be thin.

While I have an overwhelming desire to look nice in a wedding dress I find I want chocolate just as much. It seems my willpower is no match against the pull of Cadburys Dairy Milk.

So, I’m now paying £4.95 a week to slimming world so they can remind me that I’m fat.

My only conciliation Is the fact that after weigh in, I have some chocolate to make myself feel better.

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