It’s All About The Dress.

Last week I went shopping for a wedding dress. This is something I’ve been itching to do but putting off due to losing weight.

However, since my wedding plans had come to a bit of a stand still I decided it was time. I needed something to make it all seem real again.

My first order of business was to make sure where I was going had my size because, apparently, most wedding dress designers think that fat people don’t get married.


If you pop into a standard wedding dress shop and ask to try on a size 20, odds are their size 20 will fit a size 14. Why everyone can’t have one system they will stick to is beyond me but anyway. I knew of one place so booked myself and my bridal party an appointment.

I was so scared as we drove there, convinced nothing would fit me. 20 minutes and a wrong turn later, we arrived at the shop where I was shuttled behind a curtain, stripped to my underwear and instructed to try on dress after dress that thankfully fit.

To my amazement, I did not look like the Stay Puft marshmallow man.

Honestly, I expected to. One of my main motivators to lose weight is that I don’t want the ghostbusters running down the aisle after me on my wedding day.

So after over an hour of trying on dresses that made me look like a film star, a princess and one that made me look like an ironing board, I finally knew what dress I wanted. It was perfect. I felt amazing…

Until I looked at the price tag.

I think I died!

I, honest to god, think my heart stopped beating for a second there.


£900 for a bit of material and some sequins!

Now I don’t really class myself as tight fisted but no way am I paying £900 for a dress I’m wearing for one day. For £900 I want to eat sleep and jog in the thing too.

So, now my problem is to find that dress at a reasonable price.

It’s easier said than done. With most wedding dresses averaging £1000 I find myself wanting to be sick. The thought of spending so much on one item of clothing gives me heart palpitations.

So, the great wedding dress hunt has begun. As I scour the Internet in search of a reputable site to buy a dress from, I find myself developing new appreciation for bargain hunters. Their patience is endless, their eyesight impeccable and they must have nerves of steel. The thought of being ripped off and receiving a rubbish scrap of material is sending me into a panic.

Still it must be done. I point blank refuse to spend a fortune so I’m on a mission. I will find a cheap wedding dress if it kills me.

And if I fail… Well, I can get bin liners from work for 49p and its amazing what you can do with them these days.

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