One Wedding Down, One To Go.

The other week my daughter got married. As some will know this has been a long anticipated event. And what started my sudden need to lose weight. (yeah, let’s not elaborate on that at the moment… I’m blaming the free wine)

Well, it finally happened.

The day arrived yielding patches of rain, stressed bridesmaids and a harid hairdresser. I think it’s safe to say, the free wine with the meal was greatly appreciated.

But before we got to that part, I had the joy of walking my daughter down the aisle.

I say walk, to be honest, it was more like the hundred meter dash.

Not on my part!

I found myself being dragged down the aisle at light speed by my daughter, who really shouldn’t have been able to move that fast in the heels she was wearing.

Whether it was to get there before the groom came to his senses and ran, or just eagarness to leave the madness that is our family, I’m not sure. But, suffice it to say she seemed in a great big hurry to get the ceremony over with. Quite frankly, I’m amazed she had enough patience to say her vows.

Thank god, it went ahead with out a hitch.

Though, as with all big occasion, we had our share of problems from bridesmaids dropping out two days before the ceremony to the decorators totally forgetting what my daughter asked for, but in all the day was a huge success. The rain held off enough to get lovely pictures, no one got food poisoning, I didn’t have to clean up anyones sick and, I managed to wobble my way around the dance floor without falling on my arse, so in my mind the day was a winner.

So, I can officially say, one daughter has gone. Hopefully, to a life of wedded bliss where she will get to work providing me with a grandchild who doesn’t have four legs and fur.

My other child leaves for university in September and I will be totally kid free…

Well as long as I can get the fella to start acting like an adult. (I know it’s unlikely, but I live in hope)

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