I’m Marrying A Sim

Yes, I know this sounds insane but I swear it’s true.

My daughter and I came to this conclusion the other day.

It was a day like any other. We went to work, came home, had tea, did the usual daily chores… It was evening when we discovered this startling revelation.

It happened when my fella did something that was not normal human behaviour.

He got up and wandered into the kitchen. He then opened the fridge and stared into it for five minutes before closing it again.

He didn’t remove any food. Didn’t eat anything. Just stood motionless… Like a Sim!

As my daughter and I pondered this turn of events, we realised this isn’t the only sim like thing he does.

He falls asleep at the drop of a hat no matter where he is.

He randomly says drivel that no one else can understand.

He waits until he is desperate for the toilet and then does an exact replica of their ‘need to pee’ dance as he heads to the bathroom.

Yes, he does quite a few random things so the only logical conclusion I can come to is, I’m going to marry a Sim.

Though I wish he came with the £20,000 pounds a new Sim usually gets, unfortunately he doesn’t. Instead I get the staring into space, playing with kids toys, and randomly placing things on the floor, Sim.

Still, knowing I’m marrying a character from a computer game is a bit of a novelty. I’m now on a mission to discover what other Sim like traits he has.

Maybe he will start wearing clothing that is totally inappropriate for the weather, or eating cake for breakfast.

The possibilities are endless. Each day is a new discovery. I only hope that he has the ability to learn new skills as Sims do. Who knows, maybe this time next month he will know how to cook!

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