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The Thing No One Tells You About TikTok

As a woman who has been 29 for the past 12 years, sometimes it takes me a while to catch up with the modern trends and this was what happened when it came to TikTok.

I came rather late to the TikTok party and only started using it a couple of months ago thanks to my best friend raving about it, and like everyone else, I quickly got addicted. In no time at all, Youtube had been pushed aside in favour of this app and I found myself constantly nudging my husband to show him something new that made me laugh.

However, while my friend sang TikTok’s praises and made me giggle with new videos there was one thing she, and everyone else, forgot to tell me…

it turns out that TikTok drastically changes the amount of time you spend on the toilet!

I know, it sounds insane but, once you get TikTok you can expect your bathroom breaks to treble in length.

Simply, sit on the toilet and open the TikTok app and before you know it half an hour has passed and you still haven’t finished what you went in there for to begin with!

I have no idea how it happened but some how I’ve now been hardwired to open the app as soon as I sit down and I cant seem to stop it.

I did briefly consider leaving my phone in the other room, but lets be honest… who does that?

I’m pretty sure I’m not alone in my compulsion to take my phone to whatever room I’m in, so I find my self resigned to the fact that I’m now going to spend a quarter of my day in the bathroom. I’m living in hope that the novelty will wear off and I’ll once again be able to put my phone down but it doesn’t seem to be happening so far.

All I can say is take this as a warning, if you get this app, your amount of free time is about to drastically reduce and there is a very good chance your family will think you have been kidnapped by aliens every time you pop to the loo!

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