Elevated Attraction

This short story features two of my characters from my ‘West Family Series’, Cas and Lux.

I have to admit they are my favourite characters. They are quirky and funny and I love them to pieces. I hope you like them as much as I do.

Elevated Attraction by Gem Stone

“Hold the lift .”

The words were shouted seconds before a hand appeared between the lift doors preventing them from closing.

Marissa stepped back to the wall as two large men entered and looked towards the button panel.

“Which floor was it we needed?”

“It was five,” the man on the right reached over and pressed the button, just as the other man pressed button seven.

“What did you press that for?”

“I’m sure it was seven.”

“No we’re both wrong, it was twelve.”

“No, we’re going to seventeen.”

Marissa watched in shock as numbers got spoken and buttons got pressed, while the two men bickered over what floor they wanted.

She herself wanted floor twenty-six, the way these two were pressing buttons, it would take a while to get there. Still, she was in no hurry, she hated her job and had no desire to rush to work.
She cursed herself for that thought when the lift suddenly screeched to a halt, halfway between floors seven and eight.

“Oh well done, you broke it.” The words were spoken with sarcasm as one man turned to the other.

“I broke it? You went mad on the buttons.”

“Well so did you.”

“Actually, you both did.” The words slipped from Marissa’s mouth before she could stop them. She regretted it as the two men both turned to face her.

She found herself facing identical twins, both tall and broad with short blond hair, and packed with muscle.

They both stared at her for a moment before the one on her right broke into a huge grin.

“Well hello there, darlin’,” he greeted as he took a step closer to her, “I’m Cas, and you are?”
He held out a hand to her, Marissa looked at it warily for a moment before finally placing her hand in his,

“Marissa,” she mumbled.

“Well aren’t we lucky, to be trapped in a lift with you.”

“Yeah, because that doesn’t sound creepy at all, ” groused the other man as he shoved his brother out of the way. “I’m Lux, you will have to excuse my brother, he’s an idiot.”

Marissa giggled before she could stop herself, at the look of shock that passed Cas’ face.

“I’m the idiot? You broke the lift”

“Can’t we just agree that you both broke it?” She asked, causing them both to turn to her in shock.

“We didn’t break it,” Lux quickly stated.

Cas nodded his head in agreement. “It’s obviously faulty.”

Marissa rolled her eyes, great she was stuck in a lift with two typical men who didn’t know how to admit they were wrong. “Well, do either of you know how to fix a faulty lift?”

Big grins appeared on their face. “Of course,” Lux said seconds before they both turned around, and started to bang on the door while shouting for help.

Marissa groaned, wonderful, now she would be late for work. Granted the thought didn’t upset her too much, at least she was in the building, and had a valid excuse. However, she could have picked a number of people she would prefer to be stuck here with. Still, she could also be trapped with worse, she decided as she took in the eye candy before her.

“Right, a distress signal is sent,” Lux said as he faced her again.

Marissa couldn’t help but laugh; yes she could definitely be stuck with worse people.

“So which of us do you like best?”

“Excuse me?” Marissa looked between the two men in confusion. They both stood staring at her expectantly. “I’m sorry I’m not sure what you’re talking about.”

“It’s simple,” the one called Cas responded. “Which of us two,” he waved his hand between the two of them. “Would you prefer to go on a date with?”

Marissa looked between the two men in shock, what were they talking about?
“Well… I…,” she stuttered.

Lux moved to stand beside her and scowled at his brother. “Aww you put her on the spot, that’s not nice. He can be inconsiderate like that sometimes. That’s why you should go out with me.”

Marissa frowned wondering where the current conversation had come from. “I don’t…”

“Want him… I know,” Cas interrupted her. “Just because he looks like me, he thinks he irresistible. Just pat him on the head, that’s what I do.”

Her lips twitched as she looked between the two men, they were crazy but funny with it. “I don’t recall saying I’d like to go out, with either of you.”

Lux winked at her. “You didn’t have to say it.”

Cas nodded. “We just knew.”

Marissa raised an eyebrow and folded her arms over her chest. “And how exactly did you know?”

Cas snorted while Lux rolled his eyes.

“Please,” Cas said. “Look at us… you want us.”

“We’re adorable,” Lux nodded.

The comment got stated with such certainty that Marissa burst out laughing. “Wow, I love a man who’s modest.”

“Thank you,” both men replied in unison causing her to roll her eyes again.

“Okay, this has been… interesting, but can we concentrate on getting out of here? I need to get to work.”

Both men glared at her, making her feel a tad uneasy before Cas finally broke the silence. “I think you will find this is much more important.”

Lux nodded his head in agreement.

Marissa frowned at the two men. This had to be the strangest morning she had ever had in her life. She looked nice, she knew that though nowhere near model standards. But she never normally had men like this approach her, and never in this fashion. Still, she was stuck here for the foreseeable future, so what the hell, she would play along.
“All right.” She gave them a level stare. “Prove to me, who’s best.”

Both men frowned at her for a moment before Lux grabbed her arm, and pulled her body towards his. A second before his lips met hers.

Marissa froze under the assault not expecting to be kissed, but as his tongue pushed insistently at her lips she yielded and kissed him back. The man had skills in this department; he wrapped his arms around her holding her close. She could feel his obvious excitement through their clothes. By the time he brought the moment to an end she had wrapped her arms around his neck and was clinging on. A moan escaped her as his lips left hers, causing her to blush, and him to chuckle.

“Dinner tonight?” He asked bringing her back to her senses.

“Not so fast,” Cas interrupted pushing Lux aside, “my turn.”

Marissa suddenly found her lips taken again, only this time by the other brother. He pulled her close as he wrapped his arms around her, and devoured her mouth. He was more insistent where his brother had been gentle but still just as nice. She clung to him and could feel he got just as excited as Lux had.
When he finally ended the kiss, Marissa stood between the two men dazed and confused. Both men were gorgeous and kissed superbly. She could never before remember getting so excited over just a kiss. If they hadn’t brought things to an end, she could quite easily have forgotten where they were, and taken things further.
She felt her cheeks heat up.

“Hey, no need to be embarrassed,” Lux said gently as he ran a thumb over her cheek and cupped her chin. “We know we’re irresistible.”

She laughed as both men sent her cocky grins, then got brought back to reality, as the lift started its climb once more.

“Damn,” Cas groaned as the numbers above the door got higher and higher. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a card. “Here,” he placed it in her palm. “Stop by tonight, let us know who you decided on.”

Marissa looked at the card in her hand, it had the name “Elmo’s” on it, and an address to what she knew, was a pub. Seconds later the lift doors opened on floor twenty-six.

“Your floor.” The two men stepped aside to allow her to exit the lift.
She turned to face them once she had passed through the doors. “Wait, what floor did you two want?”

The two men exchanged a glance before grinning at her. “You know I think we’re in the wrong building, ” Lux said with a wink, a second before the doors closed.