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Publishing Without The Price Tag

How many times have you downloaded a book that guarantees to make you a six-figure author only to find out they want to sell you something? This book is different! I’m not offering to make you a six-figure author or an instant success. What I am offering is a system you can use to write… Continue reading Publishing Without The Price Tag


Tip Of The Day: Stay Organised!

When I first started writing I had no idea just how confusing things can get when your selling on different platforms. As an independent author, I often find that different versions of books are needed for different websites. For example, people who claim my book on Instafreebie can’t sign up to my mailing list to… Continue reading Tip Of The Day: Stay Organised!


I’ll Do It My Way

As people who read my last post will know, I received my first bad review recently. This lead to a lot of self-doubt and questioning. The review claimed my book was boring erotica. The boring bit I had no problem with. We are all entitled to our own opinion and I know not everyone will… Continue reading I’ll Do It My Way


How To: Proofread Your Manuscript

Hello, and welcome to How To Wednesday. After a few weeks of neglecting my poor blog, I decided to return with a How To that I hope many will find useful, How To Proofread Your Manuscript. Firstly, let me give my opinion on this subject. You need a professional proofreader! I know many will tell… Continue reading How To: Proofread Your Manuscript


How To: Find An Editor.

Hello, all and welcome to How To Wednesday. Perhaps this post should actually be called, How To Pick An Editor because finding one is quite easy. All you have to do is Google editors and you will find thousands upon thousands of results. So let me rephrase the title. How To Find An Editor Within… Continue reading How To: Find An Editor.