How To Tell If Your Sat Nav Hates You.

I’m sure many of you are scratching your heads thinking… Sat navs don’t have feelings and ordinarily, I’d agree. However, while on my honeymoon I changed my mind. You see, while on holiday in Cornwall, it became abundantly clear that our sat nav really doesn’t like us. Either that or it’s possessed. (the jury is… Continue reading How To Tell If Your Sat Nav Hates You.


A Sting In The Tale

As many British people will know, over here in little old England we are experiencing something practically unheard of. Hot weather on a May Bank Holiday! Yes, you read that right. Its actually sunny on a Bank Holiday. It’s standing knowledge that on Bank Holidays we get rain. Everyone knows it, and expects it. So,… Continue reading A Sting In The Tale


A Sticky Situation

The other day I had another bright idea. As some of you will know, these ideas don’t normally bode well for me but apparently I’m unable to learn from past experience so I powered on anyway. It all started with my nails. I have a bit of an obsession with them looking nice and up… Continue reading A Sticky Situation

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The Price Of Vanity

Just before Christmas I went dress shopping. This might seem like nothing to some but to me it’s something I do very rarely. I went because of works annual Christmas party. Being a formal affair, I needed something nice to wear, and since I’ve lost weight recently, I was in need of something new. The… Continue reading The Price Of Vanity


Where Reality And Fantasy Meet 

The other day we went to watch my daughter perform a drama piece. She is sixteen and taking drama as one of her GCSE’S. Where I like to write scenes, she likes to act them. Frequently and loudly. Anyway, the reason I’m mentioning this is because of the piece she performed. She acted out a… Continue reading Where Reality And Fantasy Meet