I’m Marrying A Sim

Yes, I know this sounds insane but I swear it’s true. My daughter and I came to this conclusion the other day. It was a day like any other. We went to work, came home, had tea, did the usual daily chores… It was evening when we discovered this startling revelation. It happened when my… Continue reading I’m Marrying A Sim


Attack Of The Killer Bath Tub

The other day, I had an accident. Or more accurately, the floor decided to attack me. This wouldn’t have been too bad if the bath hadn’t decided to get in on the act too. Five hours at A&E later, I’m home, lying on the couch with two broken ribs and discovering the wonderful world of… Continue reading Attack Of The Killer Bath Tub


The Great Underpants Conspiracy.

While packing for our holiday yesterday, we discovered something that had previously gone unnoticed. My fella has lost most of his underpants. How this has happened we don’t know, but after emptying every draw and closet it became apparent that they are nowhere to be found so my fella came to the natural conclusion any… Continue reading The Great Underpants Conspiracy.


A Sting In The Tale

As many British people will know, over here in little old England we are experiencing something practically unheard of. Hot weather on a May Bank Holiday! Yes, you read that right. Its actually sunny on a Bank Holiday. It’s standing knowledge that on Bank Holidays we get rain. Everyone knows it, and expects it. So,… Continue reading A Sting In The Tale


50 Shades Of Bruised

You might read this title and think I’m going to start talking about kinky sex. Well, sorry to disappoint, but the bruise I’m referring to was not made in an nice way. Unfortunately, the other week I had an accident that resulted in a very bad bruise delivered in a way I definitely didn’t enjoy.… Continue reading 50 Shades Of Bruised


And This Years Award…

It has come to my attention recently that my dog fancies herself as a bit of an actress. I discovered this when I sprayed some air freshener. The air freshner was a new one. Fabreeze lenor scents. It was divine and I couldn’t wait to have my house smelling like spring flowers. I picked up… Continue reading And This Years Award…

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Keep Calm And Step Away From The Bread!

As anyone who lives in England will know, We currently have snow. At least, we do where I live. The pavement is icey, it’s freezing cold and the fire has become my new best friend. If it wasn’t for the dreaded day job I would be quite content to hibernate until spring peeps over the… Continue reading Keep Calm And Step Away From The Bread!