Attack Of The Killer Bath Tub

The other day, I had an accident. Or more accurately, the floor decided to attack me. This wouldn’t have been too bad if the bath hadn’t decided to get in on the act too. Five hours at A&E later, I’m home, lying on the couch with two broken ribs and discovering the wonderful world of… Continue reading Attack Of The Killer Bath Tub


The Evils Of Exercise

Today I exercised. (I Know, shocking isn’t it?) It surprised me too but with my daughters wedding fast approaching and mine now in the planning, it became apparent that I really need to stop messing around with the whole dieting thing and get consistent. So, this morning I awoke and got on my exercise bike.… Continue reading The Evils Of Exercise


The End Of The World Is Here!

Okay, maybe it’s not quite the end of the world, but it’s close. At least it is if you ask my family. It all started this morning. I was awoken by insistent nudging and a whining noise. It was the fella. Once assured I was no longer enjoying my slumber, he broke the news to… Continue reading The End Of The World Is Here!

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There’s A Little Writer In All Of Us.

The other day I heard a story. Not a story as in a book, just someone I know recounting an event that happened to them. It was while listening to them that the Author in me reared her head. It appears that editing books has enabled me to recognise fabrication when I hear it. The… Continue reading There’s A Little Writer In All Of Us.