The Selfish Side Of The British Public!

Well, as everyone is aware by now, the end of the world has arrived.

At least, I’m pretty sure that’s what many people believe as the general public panic buy they way into isolation.

The local shops and supermarkets are testament to the fact that people expect to be holed up in their toilet paper forts for quite some time as the Coronavirus works it’s way through the country/world.

While I in no way wish to take away the importance of the fact that there are people who are vulnerable and suffering, even dying, due to this illness, I can not move away from the issue that the majority of the public are simply proving what raving idiots they are.

They sweep through the shops buying everything they can without a thought for the people around them showing everyone just how selfish the great British public can be.

While they stockpile their cupboards with pasta and tinned food, they have total disregard for the elderly and people on low incomes who can’t afford to buy 50 tins of baked beans, 40 bags of pasta, and enough toilet paper to last a year at one time.

As I sit at my till, serving customers who are buying everything they can I can’t help being disgusted by them.

Alright, there is a health issue at the moment but just how much stuff do you need to be in quarantine for a couple of weeks?

I’m pretty sure it’s not enough baked beans to last you until Christmas.

Quite frankly I dread to think how we would all react if there was a war on.

What happened to help thy neighbour and generał courtesy?

We have fights taking place in shops and sales assistants being treated like dirt because we don’t have enough stock left for Mildred who wants 30 tins of potatoes.

It’s enough to make you cry. I’ve always liked to think that in times of trouble the country would come together.

How wrong I was!

It’s become a dog eat dog world and quite frankly I am ashamed by it. It’s about time people took a step back and saw what they are doing to others around them, realised how they are hurting others.

It all mystifies me. I just can’t understand what’s going through the publics heads at the moment. All I do know is that it’s definitely not common sense!

2 thoughts on “The Selfish Side Of The British Public!

  1. Wouldn’t it be interesting to see video surveillance footage from those stores? Better yet, to have the footage played back on a massive screen for all to see. I can imagine people returning to the shelves and making “donations” as they sheepishly refuse praise.

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