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The Thing No One Tells You About TikTok

As a woman who has been 29 for the past 12 years, sometimes it takes me a while to catch up with the modern trends and this was what happened when it came to TikTok. I came rather late to the TikTok party and only started using it a couple of months ago thanks to… Continue reading The Thing No One Tells You About TikTok


The Selfish Side Of The British Public!

Well, as everyone is aware by now, the end of the world has arrived. At least, I’m pretty sure that’s what many people believe as the general public panic buy they way into isolation. The local shops and supermarkets are testament to the fact that people expect to be holed up in their toilet paper… Continue reading The Selfish Side Of The British Public!


Just Like In The Movies (Kind Of)

You know how you see things in films and think…. I wish I could do that. Well, I do that a lot and recently I had a chance to try something I’d seen. Unfortunately, it didn’t go quite the way I expected. It all started when the husband and I decided to have a mini… Continue reading Just Like In The Movies (Kind Of)


How To Tell If Your Sat Nav Hates You.

I’m sure many of you are scratching your heads thinking… Sat navs don’t have feelings and ordinarily, I’d agree. However, while on my honeymoon I changed my mind. You see, while on holiday in Cornwall, it became abundantly clear that our sat nav really doesn’t like us. Either that or it’s possessed. (the jury is… Continue reading How To Tell If Your Sat Nav Hates You.


Guess Who’s Back

As some will have noticed, I’ve been MIA for a while. My only excuse is, life got in the way. What with my daughters wedding, my wedding, my honeymoon, my other daughter starting university, and now Christmas, everything has been happening at once. Now, I find my self in a position with lots to tell… Continue reading Guess Who’s Back


I’m Marrying A Sim

Yes, I know this sounds insane but I swear it’s true. My daughter and I came to this conclusion the other day. It was a day like any other. We went to work, came home, had tea, did the usual daily chores… It was evening when we discovered this startling revelation. It happened when my… Continue reading I’m Marrying A Sim


One Wedding Down, One To Go.

The other week my daughter got married. As some will know this has been a long anticipated event. And what started my sudden need to lose weight. (yeah, let’s not elaborate on that at the moment… I’m blaming the free wine) Well, it finally happened. The day arrived yielding patches of rain, stressed bridesmaids and… Continue reading One Wedding Down, One To Go.


It’s All About The Dress.

Last week I went shopping for a wedding dress. This is something I’ve been itching to do but putting off due to losing weight. However, since my wedding plans had come to a bit of a stand still I decided it was time. I needed something to make it all seem real again. My first… Continue reading It’s All About The Dress.