The Write Time. 

Things have changed and I don’t think I like how they have gone. 

As many of you will know, I published my first book just over a week ago. I find, since doing so, my mind has become obsessed with sales reports. Not that there is much to report. I’ve sold a grand total of 24 books. However, as an unknown with no other books out and a small blog following,  I’m rather proud of myself. Someone told me that if I had 24 people in a row, lined up, to buy my book I would actually have a que of people. This way of looking at it definitely gave me a boost and encouraged my obsession. 

Unfortunately, this obsession is distracting me from what I love… Writing. NaNoWriMo has gone out the window. Book two which is in editing stages has been abandoned, and my poor blog has been neglected, and why? 

Because I’m obsessed with trying to market my book. Something that I am obviously rubbish at. So I have come to a decision.

Tomorrow is a new day. A day when I will introduce time management into my life. Promotion time will be limited. Social media will have to wait. Writing time comes first. 

I have no intention of trying to complete NaNoWriMo. That ship has sailed with the other 25,000 words I needed to write,  but I will be editing. I want book two sent to beta readers by the end of the week. So it is written, so it shall be done! Lol. 

Maybe my book will sell no more copies as I stop plugging it in every way I can, but at least I will be doing what I enjoy. Writing! 

17 thoughts on “The Write Time. 

  1. Well done on the 24. That’s 24 more than you would have sold if you hadn’t written it in the first place. Er … you know what I mean. 😃
    My only advice would be not to rush things along too much. I don’t have a clue about publicity myself. And certainly don’t ever get hung up on the numbers game. I’m reblogging this. Hopefully you’ll get some useful advice from folk. All the very best. Chris.


    1. Hello, and thank your for the reblog. From what I can gather, no one knows much about publicty and those who do, charge to share that knowledge with you. I’m officially winging it, and with very little budget to advertise, am limited to what i can do. I think my best course of action is to get my second book out there.


  2. Gem, I haven’t published anything yet, but I find myself getting caught up in other things besides writing. I have to make writing a priority and everything else second, this is difficult to do when social media takes over your life. I wish you the best on your writing journey and enjoy reading your blog.


  3. I identify with everything you wrote. I too obsess over the sales reports and feel sad seeing it flatline during the past three weeks. It feels like the death of my book.
    The time involved in trying to figure out how to market it is overwhelming and takes too much time away from my blogs. The thought of finding the time to write another book seems an impossible feat to accomplish. It is comforting to see my feelings echoed in your words.


    1. The only reason I have another book to work on is because it was written while my first one was going through beta readets and editors. Book 2 is just sat there waiting to be polished. (Though I am working on it today). And, yes, that flat line is awful, I’ve only had one day with no sales but I dread when more appear on my graph, which they will, because I usually only pull in one or two sales a day.


  4. Hi! I grinned all the way through your post. First, because I too have an obsession – but in my case it isn’t book sales – yet (I’m still trying to get an agent or publisher) – but my stats on my WP blog!!! I’m checking them every chance I get! Ha, but in a way it’s good, because when the number of views and visitors plummet, I suddenly feel the need to write again! I guess I’m one of those people who only really enjoys writing for an audience. To write a journal, or a piece that sits in a drawer, doesn’t do it for me. Thanks for this, it was fun to read! Oh, and something that you might find interesting – a fellow blogger talks a lot about marketing her book(s). Maybe she has some tips you’d like. Her name is Ana Spoke, and she is at Bye for now!


    1. Hello. Well I’m glad it’s not just me who gets obsessed. I guess we all have those little things that we, can’t leave alone. Thank you for the link. I will be sure to check out her blog and good luck with finding an agent/publisher.

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  5. Two weeks? Your first book? I completely understand your anxiety. I can’t imagine feeling otherwise at this point after a first book has been published. But you’re right to return to your writing. It’s what virtually all now-famous authors did after writing their first, second, third or even fourth books before becoming famous: write!


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