That Friday Feeling

For a shop assistant this means getting up and realising you have to work the weekend. Not one of the best feelings in the world.

It bodes for two days of customers, who believe you’re personally responsible for the shop not stocking the items they wish.

Children screaming because their parents said no to the toy they desperately need.

And that old man who tells you the same joke every single week because he forgot he’s said it before. (I actually rather like the old man, he’s very sweet.)

I find Friday is good preparation for the weekend. This is the day where I give my self a pep talk.

Remember, you do have a brain to mouth filter… Make sure you use it.

Not everyone appreciates sarcasm as a form of humour.

And most importantly…

Remember to smile at the customers, as you plot how to kill them in your next book.

What’s your Friday feeling?


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