Silly Puss. 

I’ve officially decided my cat is stupid.

Don’t get me wrong. I love her to bits. She is my precious Pebbles. The Maine Coon I always wanted and she actually loves me back. But I can’t help thinking I went wrong somewhere with her.

I mean. Let’s start with this picture. She has a stratching post that nearly touches the ceiling. Another smaller one upstairs. Along with some lovely beds. So where does she sit? In a box.

And the stupid doesn’t stop there. You know that ability cats have to jump from high places and land on their feet in a seamless graceful fashion?

Yeah,  my cat missed that gene.

When she jumps it sounds like baby elephant just landed.

The other night she proved just how inept she is at this graceful cat stuff when she tried to catch a spider. As she attempted to scale the wall, dragging her furry bum up behind her and succeeded in batting the spider onto the floor. Which resulted in a fifteen minute hunt for it. I had to shake my head in despair.

It seemed I had to resign my self to the fact that my cat, as adorable as she may be, is not very good at basic cat skills.

So imagine my surprise last night when she seemed to prove me wrong.

My peaceful evening was disturbed by her persistent meowing as the stalked the dvd unit.
Now as regular readers will know we have had a bit of a spider situation recently. So after the other nights fiasco I jumped to the natural conclusion that she had discovered another.

Phone in hand I krept towards her. Using the flash as a torch to see into ever nook and cranny.

Pebbles sat in my view still meowing so I carefully nudged her out of the way, staying on alert for the eight legged attack  I expected. And that’s when I saw it.

Pebbles had caught some dust!

Yup. My Maine Coon, one of the largest breeds of domestic cat, had caught some dust. I wish I could say she is just practicing for bigger game but I’m sure it would be a lie.

Still, if she is finding dust maybe I can teach her the household skills my children refuse to learn. Her tail would make a great duster!


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